Monday, 24 February 2014

If I Was A Feminist

If I was a feminist, I'd go about saying things like: virginity is this crazy idea in people's minds that women should be lashed for doing something that men do and get applauded for. That a woman doesn't have to be a virgin, as long as a man isn't. But I'm not a feminist. Though, I don't think a woman absolutely HAS to be a virgin, keep herself, till marriage, I think it's quite important. I think women are women, men are men. You know why I think like this?? Because society is screwed, and society tells me that is how it should be. If I was a feminist, I would have blasted the lady who had tweeted this, I quote "the best thing a woman can be, is a house wife." I would call her names, who told her this?? It's ridiculous. And she's female. I would block her, even. What insolence. But I am not a feminist and even though I think there is so much more a woman can be than just a 'house wife', I also think that it is very important for a woman to find a man and live with him, and cook for him, and have sex then give birth. It's also society that tells me this. I'm not a feminist. If I was a feminist I'd say a woman can go on and become president of the world, if she wants. And forget about her husband - when he gets hungry, he'll cook for himself, or go somewhere that smells like a bakery and buy fried rice, those ones that are the green colour of a leaves placed next to a bright light. But I'm not a feminist, I think a woman must cook for her husband. Except on special occasions like when she's pregnant, or when he wants to give her a treat. Apart, a woman should be there to make her husband's food. I also think like this because of society. Because society says this is how it should be. If I was a feminist, I'd say that a married woman does not absolutely have to conceive and give birth to a child, that it will mess with her figure and shape, that the beautiful figure she had, will disappear. But I'm not a feminist and while I think it's important that a woman should decide when she's ready to conceive, I think it's also extremely important that she conceives, at some point. I think it's important that she gives birth eventually. Personally, I'm of the opinion that nobody should get married for the sole purpose of bearing children. That said, I think it's imperative that a woman performs this role of child bearing. This also is my opinion because of what society has made me believe. So you see, I'm not a feminist because society does not want me to be, because society is screwed and has managed to convince me, for some strange, inexplicable reason, that women are women, and that men are men. This is unfortunate. Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

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