Friday, 31 May 2013

I Will Kill You.

Hi, good to have you here.
Final day of Blog Every Day In May - "A vivid Memory"

The most vivid memory I have is that of a very nerve wrecking moment, probably the most scary 45 minutes of my life.

On the evening of November 18th, 2011. At exactly 7.45 pm, the back door of our house flew open. I was alone in the living room, my dad had gone out to see a friend, my elder brother was not home. Just my mum and my little sister.

I had no idea what was happening. 4 men came inside and the most menacing looking among them, probably their leader shouted at me: "hey get up."

I thought he was very rude, how do you just come into my house and ask me to get up?? Worse off, he and his friends came in through the back door, I wondered why they didn't come in through the front door like sane human beings.

He was walking towards me, like he meant serious business, I was lost for words, I did not really know what was going on. "Who the hell are these people?" I wondered, still not sure what to do.

He got close to me, I could smell the alcoholic odour of his breath, he was pissed drunk. His colleagues had vanished, I wondered where they had gone. I still had not the slightest clue of what they were up to.

And then 'the leader' brought out a gun and said something that still scares me till this day: "I will kill you". You never really understand those four words until somebody holding a gun to your head says it to you.

My mind drifted, "who did I offend so bad that will want me dead?" only then did I realise what exactly was happening. We were being robbed.

I'd heard several times of robberies but it had never happened to me, I was always the listener, never the speaker. I have no idea what happened after that time, all I know is, I was laying face down on the ground with a pain in my head, my dad did not meet the person he went to visit, so he came back home, and joined in the fun - Two men escorted him from the gate into the bedroom.

We were all now in the bedroom, 2 of the robbers were there in the room with us with their guns, ready to murder anyone who misbehaved. We were practically being bullied by them. 2 others ransacked every single breadth of the house.

At the end of the day, they took with them some money, and some other very important/dear possessions: Most importantly a car. They left at 8.30pm. The bullying was the most painful part. You just had to conform because you dont want to get shot.

Probably the most traumatic experience of my life. I would never forget that day, we tend not to pray to have guns pointed at us for 45 straight minutes.
The car was recovered days later but unfortunately no one was in it.

I cannot forget. I wish I can, but I just can't. Now, whenever I hear the word: I Will Kill You, whether on tv, in a movie, or someone is just playing with someone, I remember the worst 45 minutes of my life.

I hope those guys are dead now, 'cause that was my top prayer for the 3 months that followed. But if they aren't, and for some strange reason they happen to be reading this right now, this is my message: 'I don't know who you are and I don't know where you live. But I will find you... And I Will Kill You'!
Okay that's a joke. I just couldn't help but quoting that from the movie 'taken'.

So, that's my most vivid, ugly, traumatic memory. And that's it for the Blog Every Day In May challenge, I'm thankful that I completed it, and I'm thankful for all the awesome bloggers I met along the way. Don't ever stop visiting. Cheers!

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

I am Pregnant.

So on the penultimate day of Blog Every Day In May, the prompt is to react to the term 'letting go'!
I am absolutely blank on this one. So I thought: I'm just going to tell a story men, one that defines letting go, I love to tell stories, well, not 'tell' stories per se, write stories, more accurately.
Unfortunately for some, No. I am not the one pregnant. I am a man, and the last time I checked, Arnold Schwazenegger's 'Junior' is purely fiction, men still cannot give birth. Thank God, lol.
So anyway, here's my story, Enjoy! More of a Play type thing, whatever!

(There was a knock on the door, then silence.
It was weird, Mike wasn't expecting anyone so he looked on suspiciously, "who's there?" he asked, but instead of receiving an answer, he heard another knock).
(He opened the door, fearing for the worst while slightly armed with a rod that stood no chance versus say, a gun.

You could see the relief on his face the moment he saw who it was, relief then instantly dissolved into worry).

"Mary, it's you. I haven't seen you in ages, how have you been? Please come in"

(Mary was Mike's ex, they were so in love or at least Mary was, but to her dismay and heartbreak, he broke up with her. She was distraught but Mike was the kind of guy that everyone liked to be around, he was a bundle of humour and fun. A no dull moment type person. But also, he was the ultimate play boy. Mary knew this, but like every other girl Mike had dated, she felt she could change him. She was wrong, obviously).
"I'm pregnant Mike"


(**blanked** How could she be pregnant?)
But We broke up.. It's been 6 weeks.
(And then almost as if he had just realised what she said)
"Wait... What????"
(Mike had just remembered that their last experience of coitus had happened some six weeks ago, the night before he broke up with her. The night before he decided that he was too much of a 'charmer' to be tied to only one girl; and the night before she took away Mary's happiness. She had only started understanding how much she loved Mike after he had left her, for her, it was true that you don't really know what you've got until it's gone.

So.?? So what's gonna happen?? Are you even sure it is mine?? How many months pregnant are you?

(Mike desperately wanted to believe that Mary wasn't pregnant, that she was just looking for a ploy to tie herself to him. Maybe.. Maybe this was correct, maybe Mary wanted Mike's love more than anything else,. But she was definitely pregnant, he also knew too well that she wasn't the type to sleep around).

What kind of question is that Mike?? Of course it's yours. I have never seen any other person in my life and you know that. I love you more than life itself, but that's not enough reason to stoop so low as to lie to you about something so sensitive.
I am pregnant".
(She said almost teary eyed)


(The issue had just began sinking in. He looked so scared, he was definitely not ready to be a father).
So, what do we do?? I have a doctor friend, Will. Will you go and see him? And have an abortion?? For me?? Please?? For our love??
(That question cast Mary's thoughts back to her childhood. She was raised by her single mother, her mother had told her what happened with her father. How she got pregnant with mary out of wedlock and how her father had suggested abortion, how she refused and went ahead to carry the baby on her own..
Mary then realized that though she loved Mike so very much, at that point, only a fool will stay with Mike. Mike was a 'Peacock' she had to let him 'fly'. She had to let go. She had to let go of a love that probably only existed in her head. She had to raise her child alone. Just the way her Mother had raised her - an epic case of Dejavu.

She got to learn more about who Mike is in that ten minutes than she had all through their relationship).

And that's the story..
You see the bottom line is life is too short to hold on to somebody that has let go of you. Sometimes hanging in there is just plain dumb.
So live it up and be the best you can be, and always remember to let go when you have to.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

5 of a Lot.

Blog Every Day In May day 29 (two days to go. Yay!!): Five songs that speak to you.
My translation of this prompt is: Five of your favourite songs.

Now this is extremely hard considering that I am absolutely, ridiculously in love with my music. Infact I'd rather hang with my headphones that with my girlfriend. Okay, that was a joke.

Yes, so it's really hard picking just 5 songs out of the thousands of songs that I am in love with. But as always, I will try.

5. Jaci Velasquez - I will rest in you.
Without a doubt my favourite Gospel record ever. It just has something about it that hooks me over and over and over. I love it and I love Jaci, she's an amazing singer.

4. Eminem - Stan.
I love hip-hop a lot, and for me, Eminem defines hip-hop music. Now, Stan is amazing music, he features one of my favourite singers Dido. However, it's quite controversial as it has lots of violent language and stuff.

3. Five for Fighting - The Riddle.
I don't even have enough good words to describe this record men, the English dictionary doesn't. It's just buzzing.

2. Julie Fowlis - Touch the Sky.
By far the most inspirational song I have and probably will ever listen to. I only recently watched the Disney movie - Brave. Touch the Sky was the theme song. Love at first Listen.

1. Owl City - Vanilla Twilight.
Without a doubt my favourite song in LIFE. Probably the best love song ever written. I am crazy in love with Owl City, I'll meet him one day. I'm too sure.

Yep, so that's 5 of what I love to listen to. 5 out of a lot.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

On a rainy Day!

Hi, today's prompt is simple: "Only Picture". so enjoy my compilation of photos.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Dearly Beloved.

Day 27, Monday. A Letter To Your Readers.

Dearly Beloved,

It is with great joy in my heart that I write you this, I have been looking forward to a this day, not necessarily because I have something awesome to talk about, but because I get to talk to you.

All I can say to you guys is thank you. I started this blog because I wanted somewhere I could get away to sometimes and write whatever comes into my head/mind, I never ever envisaged that I'd have such relevance in your eyes/heart (wherever relevance is from), but from the first post, you showed me great love and sweetness.

I am eternally grateful for your messages of approval, everything you guys say to me, through my mailbox, through comments, through facebook. Thank you, God bless you.

I'm not almost the best writer in the world, Sometimes I just meander about a topic, mumbling things that don't even make any sense, sometimes I try to be funny and I am not successful, sometimes I make serious typo errors. But still post in, post out (post in, post out? Does that make sense?) you guys are here, giving me big love. I love you guys back.

Even though I do not have a defined niche, and I write about anything I want, and unlike the popular 'bloggers' especially in these parts, that tell you how Kim Kardashian's leg can no longer fit her shoes cos she's fat, or who the most recent boyfriend of some popular actress is **insert any name you want**, or who has a hot bikini body, (this is exhausting). Anyway, inspite of the fact that I don't do all that, you guys still got my back, and I'm grateful.

Thank you for all the comments on my posts, I absolutely love comments, all my friends that take their time to input their views here, both anonymous and otherwise, bless you guys, I absolutely love you. My new 'bloggy kingdom' friends: Shanique over at Belize naturalista - Adventure of a Willow wimp, Aleshea at Glitzngrits, Candace at Dandelion dreams, I can't mention all of you, cos we won't leave here if I do but thank you. All of you. I appreciate your love, and it's all back at you.

Your friend,

P.S. If there's anything you think I'm not talking about often enough or you want me to talk about, call me, maybe. Or Mail me.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

My New Black Shirt!

Saturday, Day 25. "Something someone told you about yourself that you will never forget (good or bad)."


You ever had one of those days when even just by looking at the mirror you know you are unstoppable. You just look so damn good.

Ya, that was how I felt on the first day I wore my New Black Shirt. I bought it two days before, it was awesome. It just looked too good to be on the body of some inanimate, lifeless boutique model thingy, that is in serious desperation to look human. I wonder why boutiques use those things to show off shirts. I don't really know what it's called, but I think you know what I'm talking about.

So anyway, I bought the shirt. Deservedly expensive - relatively. And I took it home. It was perfect.

So the day came, I put it on, I just loved myself (no narcissist weird stuff tho). I was off to the bank to send some money to somebody. Getting to the bank, I met this long, infuriating queue, but I liked it, the longer I stand there, the more people get to admire my shirt. So there I stood, feeling awesome.

And Then,

She came, I'd never seen her before, she was about my age and she was walking straight towards me, I initially thought she liked what she'd seen and wanted to come and start a conversation.

I was so wrong.

The girl: Your Shirt.
Me: Oh wow. Thank you!
The girl: What??
Me: I said...
The girl: (Cutting in) ... Your shirt has a big tear at the side there... Look!

If the earth could swallow a person up, then was about a time as any. I was willing to die at that moment. And there I was thinking I was unstoppable, thinking I was the 'awesomest' creature to ever grace the earth, just one sentence from one girl STOPPED ME.

I didn't even notice when the lady walked away. I was heartbroken, empty inside, extremely tempted to just walk out of the bank hall and just go, but I display strength, sometimes.

I tried my best to avoid eye contact with anybody in that bank hall for the rest of my stay there.

At the end, I dragged my sorry self out and away, with my heart broken, the whole world weighing down on me, or at least it felt that way.

So that's the story of My New Black Shirt, attractive, but caused me heartbreak. I couldn't ever wear it again, it was torn beyond repair. Thinking about it still breaks my heart till this day, if nothing else, for the money.

Lesson?? Pretty obvious, not all that glitters is gold.
Not all that's attractive is truly beautiful!!

I Never told nobody until today, so if you reading, thank you!

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Friday, 24 May 2013

I am Loner. But I'm sorry!

Today's prompt is my top 3 worst traits. i.e, what I do that pisses everybody off, and honestly that's a lot..

3. Sometimes I just do not feel like talking with nobody men. So when I switch off it becomes a problem cos then some folks be thinking I got beef with them or something. But I don't got no beef with nobody, I just don't wanna talk, You know? Must one talk all the time?? Must they? Okay I know it's a bad thing because sometimes people need me to inform them about something but I'm switched off. It wasn't always this bad though, at some point, I didn't totally switch off, I just switched off a single bulb. But now, I like to turn them all off.
You know, sometimes it's not so bad to just shut up and observe. Though, I'll confess mine takes 'shut up and observe' to a whole new level. So I'm sorry if this has affected you in anyway.

2. I get really Lazy sometimes,.
I just don't feel like doing nothing sometimes. I just wanna lay in my bed and think about how I'll go about doing what I'm supposed to do. Like thinking about it will make it easier. But I'm sure this happens to other people too. It's a human trait or something. There's that time when we just don't wanna do nothing.

1. I'm a Loner.
I prefer to do things on my own/alone. Not because I think I'll do it better or nothing. Just that, you know, sometimes people get so complicated to work with men.. I also don't go around visiting people that much. Infact, I seldom go visit friends and relations and all those people. Flip side, I love it when they come visit me. I won't call it selfishness or nothing, it's just that I love to stay home. Not like there's something awesome I do at home or nothing, you know. And this is what people complain about the most. I don't absolutely love parties, I would rather not be attending a weddings, the pastor joins you to your husband hurray. Why do I gotta be there?? It's not like I have a reason why you 2 shouldn't be getting married, I dislike get togethers. There's just too much pressure in going to those events. And there's nothing I hate more than being under pressure, you know? You have to dress nice, you have to look good, you have to smell nice, you have to smile all the time, so folks don't start thinking you've joined a terrorist organisation or something. I hate having to conform with rules that say I cannot do whatever I want. Here's a typical conversation in my life.
Friend: "I didn't see you at ___'s wedding/Birthday/hangout/event that doesn't even make any sense."
Me: "Ya.. You didn't. I uhh... I emmmm... You know, I ahhhh. Actually, I wasn't there,,,,,,,, obviously. I uhh...
Friend: You were.... Busy????.
Me: Ya. Sure. You bet. I was busy. Very busy. I couldn't even do nothing else that day. I was so consumed with that 'thing' that kept me busy, You know??

This is conversation that happens all the time. But the truth is, I wasn't really busy. I just like to be alone men, sorry if that affects you negatively but, I just cannot help it. I'm trying to change anyway. I know it's not a good thing, cos nobody's an island.
Yea. So that's allz I've got to say about that.

I honestly don't know what happened with my formal English Writing today. So, lets just bare with my language, please, thank you.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Life. I didn't learn Life in school.

Today's prompt on BEDIM is "Things You've learnt that school didn't teach".
I have come to realize that schools probably does not teach you anything when it comes to the real world. School doesn't teach you nothing about life.

It's amazing. We spend all of our early life going to school to acquire knowledge, but do we really? Do we become more knowledgeable in school? Or do we just get book smart?

Unfortunately, being 'book smart' can not get you very far in life, what gets you far enough is being 'street smart'.

- School hasn't taught me life. Life has taught me life. There aren't nearly enough classes in school that prepares students for the real world, they just aren't. Most of what one learns in school are absolutely irrelevant in the real world, who cares where 'x' is? When am I actually going to use differentiation and integration to get me a new car or to buy me a house??

Now school is important because we learn things, but I'll appreciate school more if the curriculum is completely overhauled. Let students concentrate fully on things that can make them a buck or two in the near future, rather than on irrelevant garbage like surd. I mean, who in the world came up with the concept of surds? What could he have been thinking? What was going through his mind?? It's totally ridiculous. I sense I'm straying away from the point, pardon my digression, I just really hate surd.

Finally and probably most disturbing, and maybe ironically, school never really taught me to learn.
Here: Schools promote competition through class grades and that's a good thing, it's paramount that students understand from a young age that the world would rather have the best, and that it is much better to do very well in say a test for instance. However, what this does to the student like me is, It puts them under pressure, they are pushed to the wall to deliver, therefore they cram all what they have been taught into their memory and they do well in the examination or test, but immediately after, everything is forgotten.
Therefore, schools aren't really encouraging learning. What is encouraged is cramming.
I thus think the grading system should be changed, a student shouldn't have to cram something in order to pass.
The whole concept of an examination is to see who has the best cramming capacity, not necessarily who has been the most attentive during the classes. This is true majorly because, most of the time, the student who can produce exactly what the class teacher has in his class note will get the best mark. This has to change.

I don't hate school, I just feel school isn't almost as important as people make it out to be, especially in the 21st century where you can learn almost anything by just a click of a button, I feel it will be a lot more worth it if the curriculums are totally overhauled..
That's all I have to say about that.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Why Must I get Married??

Day 22 "Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. (a pet peeve, a current event, a controversial topic, something your husband or roommate or neighbor or boss does that really
ticks you off)"

Okay, I'm gonna pick on a controversial topic - Marriage.
"Saw a wedding in the church; and strange to see what delight we married people have to see these poor fools decoyed into our condition" - Samuel Pepys

Quick caveat: I'm by no means a marriage counsellor or nothing like that, I just feel society is to blame for failed marriages, and I'm gonna prove it. Just read on.

Now I have a friend, she's 22, her mind is set on marriage, it's all she thinks about. She's desperate to get a husband simply because her friends are now married.

People get married these days, a lot. As a matter of fact, every single weekend, tons and tons of couples walk down the isle, but how many of them are actually doing it for the right reason?? People get married because it's what society expects, it's what the 'system' says.

Should we get married because we are old enough? Should we get married because our best friend is now heavily pregnant, expecting her first child? Should we get married because we can afford to feed a few more mouth with our wealth?

Is there still a need to consider our mental readiness for the journey that will last the rest of our lives or is it just irrelevant?

Is there a reason why divorce rate has skyrocketed in recent times? Marriages especially in the west now has a 1 in 2 chance of survival, i.e, 50/50. 2 out of every 6 individuals are likely to go through 2 failed marriages in their lifetime. That is really scary, but it almost never happens around here, in these parts, it's suffering and smiling, Because divorce is out of the question. It's unethical, an abomination in some places.

The same society that pressures you into marriage, will be first to crucify you if you ever bring up the issue of divorce. Therefore, you live in bondage... **Insert LIFE - The Movie, with eddie murphy and Martin Lawrence.

Society doesn't care what your mental state is, society does not want to know whether or not you have other plans for your life. All society expects the moment you've completed your schooling and have a job is to get married.

Society does not even care how good the job you have is, they don't want to know how much you are worth, whether you can or cannot afford to get married, which is another giant problem. Bringing children into the world to suffer.

To a more seemingly controversial issue now: Is marriage an absolute must? Or is it just another act of conforming with the 'system'??
Now, don't get me wrong, I am in no way insinuating that marriage is unnecessary, all I'm doing is proving that society has diluted the beauty of marriage. They've made it a do or die affair.
A single man at a ripe age is completely stigmatised, nobody cares what reason he has, infact to them, he has no business being single. Doesn't even matter if he's employed or not.

I've heard before that a wedding ring is the smallest handcuff ever made, but is it really? Should we continuously live with the notion that a marriage has to be a prison?

For how long do we continue to allow society to compel us into taking what most consider to be the most important decision in life, even when sometimes it's obvious that we lack mental readiness.

Another issue is shallow mindedness. For some strange reason, people, mostly women often intentionally refuse to allow their minds wander past their wedding day, all they think about is that specific day, how they want it to conform to the ideas that their brain had conceived. They look forward to their wedding DAY, rather than to their marriage LIFE.

Therefore when the lifetime journey regarded as marriage begins, they obviously aren't ready so, **insert chaos.

Life is better enjoyed than endured. Don't let society pressure you into doing anything, life is too short.

Again, marriage is a good thing, obviously. God tells us that. But God doesn't specify a time for you to marry. And I'm also pretty sure that God does not want you to suffer in marriage, he made it a beautiful place, a happy place.
Don't endure it, enjoy it.

Once again, not a marriage counsellor, but we all need to come together to change the mindset and expectations of society.

Thank you for taking your time to read my rant.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Trilogy - In Words!

Blog Every Day In May Day 21. 10 minus 1 days to go. Yay! Isn't that awesome?

Okay so today's prompt is to share links to your favourite posts in your archive.
Not as easy as it looks in any way, but here goes.

1. Twelve missed calls
I liked this because it was based on a true story that left me so pissed that I had to blog about it, and a lot of people felt the same way. So yay me, I guess.

2. Dear John!
Not really sure why I like this one.

3. This one is interesting because it is painfully true.

Well, those were the ones I found most interesting, however our tastes differ, as what's meat for me, maybe bull crap for you. I write on all sorts of things so you may find another more interesting, if you check out my archive for yourself, I suggest.
And that's all I have to say about that.

Till next time,, Keep Dreaming!!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Eloquence in It's Brevity.

Today's #BlogEveryDayInMay challenge topic reads "Get real. Share something you're struggling with right now."

What can I say, there's a lot of things I'm struggling with, I'm not gonna share just something, I'm gonna share a few things.

1. I'm immuned to alarm clocks. i.e, the alarm clock that can wake me up from sleep has not been invented yet. However, thanks to God, I'm quite disciplined so I have the ability to wake up whenever I want. If I ever become an alarm clock industry buff, I'll make sure I invent an alarm clock that's capable of waking me up. Unfortunately it will have to wake up the whole neighbourhood as well.

2. I don't take afternoon naps. Let me rephrase that, I do not have the ability to sleep while the sun is out. It's a curse, believe me. It's a gigantic problem cos most times, I'm up till 2 a.m (doing absolutely nothing fruitful), and sometimes I have to get up before 6. Gladly, I'm sorrounded by people that know this so whenever I sleep in the day time it's straight to the hospital, cos I'm ill.

3. And probably most importantly, I'm wasting. You remember 'Will Hunting' from the movie 'Good Will Hunting'? Yeah, I'm kind of like him, but probably not as genius, but I don't really know that. It's still subject to confirmation.

Yeah, there are a few things that I'm struggling with - eloquence in it's brevity, lol, and sorry this is coming so late, but 'late' is kind of a relative term, considering some are just waking up. Yep, so that's all I have to say about that. Ciao!

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Lessons The Tiger Taught Me.

Day 18, Saturday: "Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember
and how you felt."

This happened sometime in 1999, I was about 8. I'm not really sure how it happened exactly, I can't quite remember.

What I know is, our neighbours had this rather terrifying dog, very ugly and mean, think Snitsky of the WWE. Or the Boogie man, that was how scary the dog was. But I got the impression that it only looked scary when I was alone with it, cos usually when the neighbours were around it was usually tame and a babe.

Tiger. They named the dog Tiger. Yeah right, Tiger my left shoes, I'll rather chill with a tiger a million times than chill with that dog from hell. That's how scared I was of it. Everytime I went out for small errands I made sure it wasn't in sight. I always wondered where it always went everytime I'm going out alone, cos it was never there.

One day, I can't remember exactly where I went but while returning, just this close outwitting Tiger one more time, I heard it growl from behind me. "I'm dead meat" I thought, Tiger had always wanted to murder me, now is about a time as any, the neighbours were not around, my parents were not around, only a bunch of 2 year olds playing in the sand. If we were unlucky and it was hungry, it was gonna eat us all. But I was the only one in danger at that point.

My next move was probably one of the worst decisions I'll ever make, I made a run for it, Towards our house. In hindsight, maybe it wasn't so bad a move cos I was this close to getting into the house.

But then, the unthinkable happened. I tripped and fell. Next thing I knew Tiger had pounced on me, it's ugly face was all I could see. My thoughts at that point was simple. "Dear God, forgive me my sins and let Me go to Heaven."

Tiger had no reason to spare my life, as far as I was concerned, Tiger hated my guts. "This is my chance to put an end to this 8 year old child who walks around like He owns the joint, pffff, humans" it must have thought.

I honestly don't know what made Tiger stop, all I know is Tiger stopped, walked off of my terrified body and walked away. It just walked away and didn't look back.

Honestly, I kinda felt disappointed. "That's it?, you've been threatening me all your life, now you have a chance to kill me, and you're just gonna walk away?? Where art thou sting?"

Tiger and I never became friends after that episode, although, our enmity wasn't half as bad as it used to be.

Tiger taught me one of the most important lessons of life that day...
Death kills you once, Fear kills you over and over and over.

That's the story of Tiger and I, it died some years later. I don't know how.

Never let the fear of something kill you even before the thing gets a chance to.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Friday, 17 May 2013

My Trilogy - In pictures.

Today's prompt on Blog Every Day In May is the easiest, by far, so far - "A favorite photo of yourself and why you"
 Normally, I don't do pictures, cos I just feel 'all writing' is it, but.......
These are three of my pictures, by no means my favourite. just the ones I could readily find.

The first one was taken sometime in 2011, I was still a student at that point, hustling to wrap my brain around the concept of Microbiology.
The second one was the summer of last year, I have no idea what I was thinking when I took it.
The last one is me showing off. nothing more. I'd say that's my favourite among all these. And that's all I have to say about that.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Truth about Your 'Lot'!

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” - Joshua J. Marine

Life is a song - sing it. Life is a game - play it. Life is a challenge - meet it. Life is a dream - realize it. Life is a sacrifice - offer it. Life is love - enjoy it.
- Sai Baba

“The LORD is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup: thou maintainest my lot. The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.” - Bible, Psalms 16:5-6

Today's prompt on Blog Every Day In May is one that I have not been looking forward to: "Something difficult about your 'lot in life' and how you are working to overcome it."

An avid reader of this blog will have noticed by now that I try not to hang on to negatives. Sure life throws it's punches, buh I like to try to disregard them. You see I have a principle, "It doesn't really matter what life throws at you, what matters is how you react to it."

Based on that, reacting to this prompt becomes very difficult.

Truth is, your weak points don't really mean much. If you refuse to concentrate on them and cry about them, Your brain automatically believes that you have no use for those weak points and therefore, you tend to concentrate more on other things (your strong points).

When a door shuts in life, something almost always opens up, either a window or another door, but we pay so much rapt attention to the closed door that more often than not, we do not even notice that something else has been opened up.

Life of course isn't a bed of roses, it sure as hell isn't a bed of thorns either. It's not totally over for you until you believe it is.
'It's just my lot in life', that is surely a statement of resignation, of pity, of capitulation.

I don't capitulate, EVER. I keep moving, it don't matter the stone thrown at me. I just keep moving, I never stop. And I'd do the same if I were you.

When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade bro, and drink up. I'm pretty sure you're thirsty.

Life is better enjoyed than endured. Believe me, I know. I've done both, and I know which is better. So go ahead and enjoy it, make this the last time you use the statements: "what can I do? It's just my lot"
Whatever you do, do not EVER capitulate.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Staring at the Mirror, et al.,

Today's prompt is "Ten things that make you very happy".
That's a lot of things cos I am a happy person, as a matter of fact, that's almost every positive thing life has to offer, but I'm going to trim it down to ten things. I will count down from 10-1. Here goes...

10. Eating
A hungry man is an an angry man, I'm sure we all know that. I don't love to eat, buh I get depressed when I am hungry and depression leads to anger.

9. Watching a Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman collaboration.
Million Dollar Baby and Invictus are probably the two best movies I've seen in my life. They're a product of this collaboration. Whenever the two come together, magic happens.

8. Writing Screenplays.
Obviously, I love to write, but there's a special contentment I get when I complete a draft. I feel good, for lack of a better expression. I have only completed two full feature length screenplays, but many shorts. And there's a lot more in my head. I absolutely love it!

7. Cooking Something Delicious.
I'd be the first to admit that I am probably among the top/bottom 100 worst cooks in the world. But you know, sometimes miracles happen and I cook up something absolutely delicious. That gives me joy.

6. Hanging with Friends.
You know, I have fun friends. I don't do dishonest hedonists. When I am with friends, *owlcity's voice* it's always a good time.

5. Watching the Arsenal FC.
Hold up one second, this is a lot more complicated than it looks. Now The Arsenal is a top football side, but we don't win trophies, or at least not anymore. We haven't in 8 years. So The Arsenal causes me heartbreak, but I can't stop loving. Ours is a complicated relationship.

4. Dreaming to Be.
I am a dreamer. I love to imagine I'll be somebody relevant in the near future. Truth is, it may not happen, however, I always keep in mind that Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't wanna live there. So I will always dream, No matter what happens.

3. Hanging with Family.
My dad, mom and 2 siblings are the 'awesomest' people in the entire Milky Way. And then my Aunts and Uncles are just amazing. Honestly, it don't get much better than having a great family. Love them!

2. Listening to Music.
You didn't think I was gonna skip this, did you? I love music, particularly music from a certain Adam Young (Owl City), that dude defines deftness. If you have never listened to an Owl City song, I'm sorry to say this but, you gotta go listen to an Owl City song bro.
I listen to other music of course, I also like Pink!, Avril Lavign, Eminem, Adele (who doesn't? She's a phenomenom), Drake, and so much more.

1. God, of course.
He's the creator of happiness. There's no me without him, and if there's on me, the issue/question of MY happiness won't even come up. So. Ya!

So that's a countdown of some of the things that put a smile on my face. If I ain't happy, believe me, I don't smile.
I also like looking in the mirror, for some strange, strange reason, but of course that's not good enough to get into my top 10.
And that's all I have to say about that. Bye!

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Being Grateful.

James Allen once wrote: "No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks"

English - Thanks,
Français - Merci,
Italiano - Grazie,
Português - Obrigado,
Español - Gracias,
Swahili - Asante,
Mandarin (Chinese) - xie xie.

We often fail/forget to realize how powerful a simple 'Thank you' can be. Expressions of gratitude have extreme significance in our daily life, both to ourselves and to those we show gratitude to.

We are turned on, gratitude boosts our sense of self esteem and self worth. It triggers us to do even more.

An associate professor at the Harvard business school did a study on gratitude, findings revealed that people felt more self worth when gratitude was shown to them, they felt a higher sense of self esteem and became willing to do more.

As humans, there is a contentment we feel when we do something for a person and the person shows a great sense of gratitude. We are challenged to do more.

Saying thank you for something small is opening the door for something bigger.

Try and cultivate a heart of gratitude, it motivates others. However remember John F. Kennedy said "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Buy Me: I am awesome.

Day 11, Saturday: Sell yourself in 10 words or less.

This is by far the hardest prompt so far. First, It's in 10 words. Second, I am selling myself. If I wanted to sell myself, 10 words will definitely not be enough.

But as always, I will try. I will try to come up with 10 qualities that will make me the first to catch your eye, that is, if the situation ever arise.
I am...
FUNNY. (Sometimes)
CHARMING. (When I want).
And most of all, I am AWESOME..
Honestly, You'd be lucky to have me.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Short Ladies + High heels

Hi.. It's good to be here, how are you guys doing?

Today's prompt on Blog Every Day In May is "Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill." I must say, I am not one to keep embarrassing moments. They tend to get lost in my memory.

So, trying to find my embarrassing moment, I had to dig and dig and dig and dig. Absolutely nothing. So I just dropped the shovel. It's always better to let sleeping dogs lie.
Since I have no 'most embarrassing moments', I thought I'd talk about something else. Heels. Yea, High heels. And when I say 'high' I don't mean 2 - 3 inches.

Yesterday, thursday, 9th. I met/saw/ran into ('met' kinda sounds prearranged, 'saw' sounds weird, so 'ran into' it is) an old friend and classmate from primary school. Now, I'm not the best at recalling faces of people I have not seen in a long time, it's a big, bad problem. But I recalled this lady because she was very popular back then as she was the shortest in class, she was extremely short. I mean minuscule, miniature. A midget, if you will. No disrespect to her of course, but amazingly when I saw her yesterday, she had mysteriously, magically, miraculously become taller than me, and believe me, I am not short, I was 5'11 the last time I checked.

Anyway, she had become taller than I was and as much as I would have loved to ask her... "dude, How did ya get so tall mehn", I couldn't because, normal people don't ask people they haven't seen in like a million years how they got so tall, so I didn't.
We just exchange pleasantries and talked about the good old days, and then she walked away.

And then I saw it, "So that's the mystery/miracle/magic that got her so tall!" I thought to myself as I smiled and went on with my business.

She was wearing one of those 11inch high heel shoes that could cause a global earthquake if every woman in the world decides to wear it on the same day. One part of that statement is an exaggeration, the other isn't. Go figure!!

So anyway, the point of my whole story was to establish a suitable premise for my thoughts - why do women wear high heels??

It's not like it makes them comfortable, does it? I'm pretty sure it doesn't. In fact, I have facts that it doesn't.
I know people who wear high heels to give speeches, or to give an academic seminar, and once they are finished given their speech and they are off of the podium, the first thing they do is hurriedly take off their high heels and slip on something flat and more comfortable.

Do they think they look smarter in them?
Do they think they look prettier?
I am extremely curious, cos I believe in wearing whatever you're comfortable in. I know however, that it makes them look a lot taller. A LOT. I mean, anything that can change minuscule into magnificent is A Lot.

So anyway, in conclusion, it's safe to say men will never understand the real reason ladies do the amazing things that they do, therefore, all we can do is commend and applaud how they look. So next time you see a lady in high heel, bro, compliment her. Cos she's in pain, she may not admit it, but she is..
Have a great weekend!

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

King Fergie.

I'm gonna make this short.

One of the greatest English Premier League managers of all time. Sir Alex Ferguson is moving on, i.e retiring.

Facts tend to speak for themselves, he's been there for 26 years, during which he has won 38 trophies, 13 of which are Premier league titles. It doesn't get a lot better than that.

Some argue that the premier league will never remain the same without him, I do not believe that. I do believe however, that he is a master at his job and football will miss him... He is not just another Premier League manager, He is Sir Alex Ferguson.
N.B This is coming from an Arsenal fan.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Hi everyone, how is it going?? It's been quite a day for me.
I am extremely tired, I have surprised myself actually. I have done some pretty amazing things today, which is always a good thing. try to make everyday of your life better than the previous, that is a way to get ahead.

So, on Blog Every Day In May today, the prompt is "The thing(s) you are most afraid of". Now, I must say this: Humans get scared; it's natural to get scared or afraid of stuff.

Different people have different things that scare them, phobias: which is an extreme fear of a certain thing, enough of the 'phobia lessons', I'm bored already.

Now for me, I am afraid of quite a number of things, at varying degree. For instance, I am scared of the dark, but I will rather be stuck in absolute, pitch darkness than be in a locked room where I do not have the key.
Yeah, you guessed right, I am claustrophobic, extremely claustrophobic.

Like, I am 100% sure that if anybody ever tries to lock me in a room and take the key away, I will commit murder, whichever century the person returns.

the idea that I lack the power or the control to leave a particular place when ever I want, scares the hell out of me.

I have tried severally to find a solution to this, I just can not. For some reason, when I am in a closed space, I feel very insecure, like something is bound to go wrong, and I can do absolutely nothing about it.

You see, nothing scares me more than not having a certain level of control over myself, I therefore will rather not imagine myself being attacked, kidnapped and taken into a small room somewhere, with my eyes covered, with a scarf or something. i just would rather not imagine it.
What are you afraid of?? Share with me. For now, I need to try and catch some sleep.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Monday, 6 May 2013

The 'National Cake' mentality.

I don't know about you guys, but I was recently awed (negatively) by a statement made by the National Auditor of the People's Democratic Party while he was at Ogun State (his state), endorsing our 'beloved'(or otherwise) president for a second term.

The man, Chief Adewole Adeyanju inferred that our Nation be referred to as 'Turn by Turn Nig. Ltd'. He said, "Today, our leader in the PDP is President and Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces in Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. This man is from the South-South, the best thing we can do to sustain Nigeria is to take Nigeria turn-by-turn Nigeria limited. South-West has done two terms, South- South is there, and we should allow them to do two terms, that is how Nigeria can survive."
That statement is wrong on so many levels.
He was referring to the rotational policy that we engage in where a senatorial district has leadership for two tenures, and thus take their own share of the 'national cake'.

What I found fascinating at first, was that he said 'that is the way Nigeria can survive', therefore, if his leader, the president, loses in 2015, Nigeria will not survive?? What does that even mean??

And then I was struck by the other part of his statement which promoted the 'national cake' mentality.
How long do we continue to allow this plague of 'national cake' cripple our society??

I mean, qualification and track-record seem not to even matter or carry any weight anymore, an absolute idiot can be the president of Nigeria as long it's his senatorial district's turn to benefit from the 'national cake'. Does that make any sense to anyone? cos, it sounds stupid to me.

I don't even want to make any noise about the man who made the statement, I'm pretty sure he's not worth my thought. The problem I have is the statement he made. Should our leaders promote this absurd and archaic way of thinking?? What then is the point of having elections every 4 years? If we want to do it 'turn by turn' every president has 8 years, then there is no reason to waste money on national elections every 4 years, right??

I do not know too much about politics, to be honest, I don't even want to. What I know is, the earlier we get rid of this backwardness the better for us all.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Absolutely Nothing!

Hi everyone, how was your weekend. It was a blast right?? I'm sure it was. It's a new week, be awesome.

Today on Blog Every Day In May, the prompt is a rather interesting one.. "If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question - what do you do?"

As a kid growing up the question 'what do you want to become when you grow up' popped up very frequently, rather, too frequently. Every child back then had a swift answer, very often without even considering the question properly.

''I want to be a doctor.'', "I want to be a lawyer", "I am going to become a banker".

At age 8, I was going to be a banker, the reason was simple, bankers dealt with a lot of money, a lot of money. So my thinking was that every banker was a rich man. You can't blame me, I wanted to be rich.

At age 12, I wanted to be a doctor - 'doctors are awesome.' I kept this ambition up for a very long time. Infact, I kept it up until I was about 16, and then I realized that I probably am not smart enough to be a doctor, I wasn't really comfortable with most of those science subjects in school, so there was no way I could make up a high enough grade for that. I ended up consoling myself by saying - 'doctors are often too busy anyway.'

I was growing up and my brain was getting more matured, so I started thinking better.

I don't want a life where I'd be caged in an office for 8 to 9 hours of the day. I don't want to wake up every morning, take a bath, take breakfast, go to work, come back home in the evening, have dinner, go to sleep, and continue with that cycle for the rest of my life. While I still have that option open (only a fool will close it), it honestly scares the life out of me.
I often say my imagination is too exciting to be caged within the walls of an office, I believe it is. I am a fresh graduate, so I am still thinking about what to do with my life.

I know that getting a steady job, is getting a steady source of income, and I know that there's often not a lot of things better than a steady source of income, so while I still contemplate on what's best for me, My answer to the question, what do you do remains - absolutely nothing. At the moment I'm happily unemployed. I know it won't last very long, I have to decide sooner or later. But right now, NOTHING!

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Friendship Repair.

How has everyone been? Cool? Okay. Thank God for that.
So it's day 4 of the Blog Every Day In May challenge, already... And so far, so awesome. I am pretty confident I will blog every day in May minus Sundays, but I probably will not use the prompts that have been provided all the time. Click below to check out Jenni and her awesome challenge...

Ya, so today's prompt is "Your favourite quote and why you love it''. Well, anyone who frequently stops by this blog will know very well that I like quotes, a lot.

But while I was considering/thinking stuff out for this post, I realized that I really do not have a 'Favourite' quote.
Therefore I thought I'd just talk about one of several amazing quotes on friendship.

"One friend in a lifetime is much; two are many; three are hardly possible. Friendship needs a certain parallelism of life, a community of thought, a rivalry of aim.
-Brooks Adams.

Now, different people may have different views on this. But for me, it's, unfortunate that friendship seldom lasts for a life time. 'BFF's' are an occurrence in enormous rarity, and that's fact.

It's how the world works, it is hard to find a 'best friend', a person who will be with you, through thick and thin. I mean, it's only natural. You see, Friendship is precious and You don't just stumble upon things that are precious just like that. They are rare, they aren't easy to come by.

Let me conclude by quoting Samuel Johnson, an English Author - "If a man does not make new acquaintance as he advances through life, he will soon find himself left alone. A man, Sir, should keep his friendship in constant repair."

Keep your friendship in constant repair, so you don't end up alone. You cannot hang on to people that have let go of you!

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Farting in Public and Other Natural Disasters.

On Blog Every Day In May today the prompt is "Things that make you uncomfortable."
I don't exactly know how best to react to this, I'm gonna look at it from the perspective of what other humans do.

We are humans, and you know what they say about one man's meat being another man's poison. Buh let me try...

We are all humans in the world and... Wait, that's not right, we aren't all humans. There are animals, objects, and the likes. So Let me rephrase that. If you are reading this post right now, you are most probably a human being - Because I want to believe 'The Rise of the Planet of the Apes' is purely fiction. In that case therefore, as humans, we co-habit on earth with other humans, we cannot all get along because of our different approach to situations. What is a great pastime or of great interest to one is very disturbing to another.
So, there is the premise for my discussion. Phew, that wasn't so easy.

Now, I personally find some things extremely disturbing, and they make me uncomfortable. I'm just gonna highlight a couple or thereabout.

We all know what farting is right? To release gas from the bowels through the bottom. It's awkward, I know, but we need to address it. I'm pretty sure I'm not speaking for myself alone.
The truth is, nobody wants to perceive a heavy stench so thick, you can almost touch it, while standing on a queue at the bank, waiting patiently for the cashier to get to his turn. Right? You don't want that.
Even worse is, most times the culprit is never identified, he's usually among the crowd, covering his nose with a handkerchief. Genius! So everyone stares at everyone, in suspect and disappointment. Some are so talented at the act, that they know expert ways of covering their tracks and getting away with it.
The only possible solution that could be proffered to this giant problem is this - try and excuse yourself when you feel it coming.
Except ofcourse, if you are in the office with your boss who just fired you. That may be a good way to get back at him, But unfortunately for you it doesn't last very long.

This really isn't any of my business, cos it doesn't affect me in any way, unlike the previous. However, it still doesn't make it right. It makes absolutely no sense at all. I mean, what's the point of shaving it off in the first place if you are going to draw it back. That is like telling God 'hey God, I don't like the way you placed this eye brow on my face. I'm just gonna shave it off and do it my way'! If I am God, I will make sure your eyebrow never grows again after you've shaved it, and I would also make eye pencils become a banned product in your country, so you will remain 'eyebrow-less' for the rest of your bloody life. We will then see who the real smart one is. Thank God I am not God anyway.

These are two of the greatest things that make me uncomfortable,
I also don't appreciate
- Smoking in Public
- Extreme Ignorance and so on.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Farmer, The Mule and The Well.

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

This parable is told of a farmer who owned an old mule, which he didn't love very much. The mule fell into the farmer's well, a well which the farmer considered extremely useless - the well was dry all year long so it had no real importance.

The farmer heard the
mule praying or whatever mules do when they fall into wells. After carefully accessing the situation, the farmer sympathized with the mule, but decided that neither the mule nor the well was worth the trouble of saving.

Instead, he called his neighbours together, told them what had happened and how useless both the mule and the well were to him. He therefore enlisted them to help haul dirt to bury the old mule in the well and put him out of his misery.

Initially the old mule was hysterical! But as the farmer and his neighbours continued shovelling, and the dirt hit his back, a thought struck him. It suddenly dawned on him that every time a shovel load of dirt landed on his back, he would shake it off and step up.
This he did, blow after blow. "Shake it off and step up... Shake it off and step up... Shake it off and step up!" He repeated to encourage himself.

No matter how painful the blows, or how distressing the situation seemed, the old mule fought panic and just kept right on SHAKING IT OFF AND STEPPING UP!

It wasn't too long before the old mule, battered and exhausted, stepped
triumphantly over the wall of that well! What seemed like it would bury him, actually helped him, all because of the manner in which he handled his

It doesn't matter what the situation is, what matters is your reaction to the situation! Your reaction determines how strong you are!

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Unintentional Drunkard!

Hi.. How has our day been?? Great?? Yea, sure.
Blog Every Day In May kicked off yesterday, 1st. And so today is day 2. The prompt today is "Educate us on something you know alot about or are
good at. Take any approach you'd like
(serious and educational or funny and
sarcastic). So while driving back home from barber's, where I obviously went to get a hair cut, I started thinking... Hmm... What do I discuss about, and believe me, I know ALOT of things 'very well', so the question was: 'what do I talk about?'. And just then it hit me.

I mean, I had seen it coming through my rear-view mirror, and I noticed it was coming very fast, but I wasn't worried, considering that it's not like I was driving very, very slow.

So I kept calm, parked and came down to go to check my car's bumper, unfortunately for me, and very fortunately for the man driving the black Mercedes, there was no dent. So I had no choice but to accept his apology and move on.

I said 'unfortunately for me, because, I really needed some money at that point, so I thought I could use the excuse that he dented my car to siphon a whole lot of money from me, he would have said for the panel beating, the painting, and emotional cum psychological distress he caused me. Lucky man. **Sigh**

Now that I've got that out of the way, #BlogEveryDayInMay. So here's something I know only too well: Alcohol! Specifically Palm Wine. But wait, wait, wait a minute, do not get the wrong idea. I'm not an alcoholic. I'll prefer to be regarded as having a large appetites for beverages of the alcohol kind. Lol!

Wait, I am just joking. I don't drink. Seriously, I don't. The only reason I have a very large fountain of knowledge about Palm wine is because I wrote my Bachelor of Science Thesis on it. Yeah. I know, disgusting. Don't judge me. Blame my supervisor. He is the real drunk, pun fully intended. He loves the drink so much, he knew everything about it, through me. I can take all these shots at him because I know he will never see this. He is one of those old College professors that do not believe in the 21st century and globalization. So he does not know a lot about the internet. Enough about him.

Palm wine, referred to as 'Toddy' in the west, is an alcoholic beverage made from the sap of different species of palm trees. Including coconut, oil palm and the likes. You're following?? Good! I would hate to have to use a cane.

The drink is tapped from these palm trees, the just tapped unfermented drink is sweet. It contains a lot of sugar.

So, it's allowed to ferment and gradually the sugar is fermented into alcohol through microorganisms of course. Gorgeous! There microorganisms are alive during consumption of the wine, so every palm wine drinker consumes microorganisms. In large quantities. :p!

These palms where the drink is tapped from are found in most part of the world: Africa, South America, Asia. I don't know about Europe, but I know the trees are also found in some parts of the United States of America, Miami, Florida mostly. But palm wine isn't tapped from those. Probably because the more wine is tapped from a palm tree, the faster the tree degenerates.

In fact, in some parts of Africa, the whole of the tree is cut down in order for the wine to be tapped. Deforestation eh? Not quite, the wine tapped make a lot of farmers very rich. A lot of people (my professor for example) will pay a lot of money for palm wine. It makes farmers who tap wine very rich, especially if the wine is gorgeous.

You see some palm wine tastes better than others. Luck? maybe. It depends mostly on the palm tree from which it is tapped, and how old the tapper is. Not really how old he is, but usually, an old tapper taps the wine with an old gourd(A gourd is the container the wine is collected in), naturally. And an old gourd is said to contain more microorganisms for easy fermentation.
I just have this strange feeling that I no longer have your attention. I think I should stop. I would stop!
So that's just a little tiddy-bit about palm wine.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Life of CHAMP!

... He was born at the University Teaching Hospital, Ilorin, Nigeria, Africa. On the 21st of June, 1991 to the best parents in the world. At that point he was number 3 of 3 children.
... The family moved to a little town called Lokoja shortly after he was born. He lost his oldest sibling at a point, but life had to go on. His parents had another child when he was 8, baby of the house if you will. He grew up at Lokoja and still lives there, but he is going to move out pretty soon. He believes Lokoja is not the place for an ambitious young man.
... He is a graduate of Microbiology. While at school, he did not really make a million friends (introvert), except probably at the home stretch - his final year.
... He has been through a whole lot of ups and downs, but he is not one to stay down for long. He knows one day he will make a difference in the world, he just feels it. In his stomach. Maybe not through Microbiology, Maybe through Microbiology, who knows?
... He is a pretty decent screenwriter and he also has a blog where he writes stuff. Stuff like what you're reading at the moment. He has never been overseas, not quite yet. His best male singer is Owl City (Adam Young), and his best female singer is Pink!/Avril Lavign, both.
... Anything else?? Yes... He is a puppet... God is his CG! He is an extremely happy person, and can't be brought down easy.

My idea of a 'story of my life in 250 words or less' and you better believe. That is 250 words or close, very close. 'HE' is Me, by the way, in case you haven't figured out that bit yet... And yes, #BlogEveryDayInMay is ON!! And Happy New Month.
Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

The Blog Every Day In May Challenge!

So you guys remember that challenge I told you about?? The Blog Every Day In May Challenge? Ya, well, it begins today, Wednesday being the first day of May. While I'm not promising anything, I think it's gonna be extremely exciting just to try. So I will. I'll try my best to blog everyday, except Sundays, but one of the rule says one can make it up, and there's no blog police so...
Here's the lists of topics for each day.

Day 1, Wednesday: The story of your life in 250 words or less (or one
paragraph... no one will be counting
your words... probably)
Day 2, Thursday: Educate us on something you know alot about or are
good at. Take any approach you'd like
(serious and educational or funny and
Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable
Day 4, Saturday: Favorite quote (from a person, from a book, etc) and why
you love it
Day 5, Sunday: Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your
blogger friends. What makes them
great? Why do you love them? If you
don't have blogger friends, talk about a
real-life friend or even a family member
Day 6, Monday: If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer
the question, 'what do you do'?
Day 7, Tuesday: The thing(s) you're most afraid of
Day 8, Wednesday: A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.
Day 9, Thursday: A moment in your day (this can be just a photo or both a
photo and words)
Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.
Day 11, Saturday: Sell yourself in 10 words or less
Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your
Day 13, Monday: Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as
serious or as creative as you want it to
Day 14, Tuesday: Ten things that make you really happy
Day 15, Wednesday: A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your
typical day - this could be "a photo an
hour" if you'd like)
Day 16, Thursday: Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're
working to overcome it.
Day 17, Friday: A favorite photo of yourself and why
Day 18, Saturday: Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be
descriptive about what you remember
and how you felt.
Day 19, Sunday: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them Day 20, Monday: Get real. Share something you're struggling with right
now. Day 21, Tuesday: A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives
Day 22, Wednesday: Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and
tell us how you really feel. (a pet peeve,
a current event, a controversial topic,
something your husband or roommate
or neighbor or boss does that really
ticks you off) Day 23, Thursday: Things you've learned that school won't teach you Day 24, Friday: Your top 3 worst traits
Day 25, Saturday: Something someone told you about yourself that you'll
never forget (good or bad)
Day 26, Sunday: Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you'd
Day 27, Monday: A letter to your readers
Day 28, Tuesday: Only pictures
Day 29, Wednesday: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or
bring back memories. Use Grooveshark or YouTube to include them in the post
Day 30, Thursday: React to this term: Letting Go
Day 31, Friday: A vivid memory

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