Sunday, 13 November 2016

Love trumps hate

The world has become a significantly suckier place to live in since the US elections on Tuesday. Donald Trump will become the next president of the United States of America. The man basically bullied and insulted his way to that office. I do not care what you think, it is not okay to be a provocateur, it is not okay to be a bully, it is not okay to think and preach that some human beings are better than other human beings. I do not care what you think. All these characteristics were manifested by the next president of America, not once, not even twice, but over and over and over. Yet he won.
I saw that election, in a most elementary form, as a battle between good and evil. Evil triumphed. But don’t get me wrong, I personally do not like Hillary Clinton, and I do not and will never see her as good; however, in many cases, there is so much you can tell about a person by their utterances. Trump’s utterances were nothing short of uncouth. I am not sure I care so much about what his administration and actual governance would look like, I care more about the fact that he was able to win after being such an asshole to so many different people from so many different works of life; the fact that he was able to win an election after saying so many vulgar, unimaginable things unbecoming of even an eight year old child. Things that if your eight your old child had said you would have been ashamed and would have to scold him.
What the hell do you tell that child now–? Do you tell him that he cannot be a bully? So what happens when he responds, ‘but dad, the president of America is a bully’?  Do you tell him to respect women? But the person who would become the most influential man on earth by January 2017 thinks women are objects who can be grabbed by their genitals: his precise words are too disgusting to be repeated. What the hell do you tell your children?
There has been arguments online about the fact that his opponent was not a suitable alternative and about how leftists were very one dimensional in their reasoning and expected so unwaveringly that they would get victory. At a point in the second debate, Hillary was so upbeat: jiggling her shoulders and laughing at this man who she probably thought was going to get zero vote. I think this goes beyond leftism. Americans were faced with a tough choice but one of those choices, to a large extent, seemed to be doing everything to lose, but still, he won.
He made fun of the disabled. It was disgusting to watch. He hinted that veterans who got PTSD were weak. It was disgusting to imagine. He said that when you are famous, you can assault women: for this, the man he said it to lost his job, but, he, Donald Trump still ran for president (and won.) The New York times made a two page spread of the people and organisations and ideas that he had insulted or dissed since he announced his candidacy (that is two full newspaper spread of insults.) he has called women ‘dogs’ ‘slobs’ ‘pigs’. He said about a woman, ‘you could see there is blood coming out of her wherever;’ and another woman who ran against him in the republican primaries ‘Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?’ even Pope Francis got a dose of this retard’s idiocy. And finally, because I am Nigerian, I have had a few friends ask why it concerns me so much. I find that a fairly irritating question. We are talking about a man who thinks that climate change is a hoax. Who tweeted that “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” How does it concern me?
It is shocking that people would rather have that retard lead them. But I have learnt that you cannot judge people based on their opinion as everybody has the right to an opinion. (Except when you are being an asshole, you can keep them to yourself.)  Therefore, no, I have nothing to say to Americans who voted him. My trouble is that having ran such a vitriolic, disabled-shaming, non-white-shaming, Muslim-shaming, Islam-shaming, women-shaming, campaign, the fact that he won means that there is so much more wrong with the world than we thought.
America, I wish you the best. 
No matter what, love trumps hate.

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