Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Mali, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Lybia, Niger, Angola, Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South
Africa, Malawi, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Madagascar... These are only a few countries in Africa.
You may be wondering why I'm doing this - naming all these nations - well, it's because still, in the 21st century some people still think of Africa as a big space that contains the same people - black people -, that do the same things and have the same cultures and speak the same language, unfortunately for these people, fortunately for us - Africans - this is not the case.
I was watching TV(cos I do that), and there was a conversation between a black woman and I white one; The white woman asked the black one where she was from.
'Zimbabwe.' The black woman responded.
'You're from Africa?' This white woman said surveyed with her eyes this black woman; Probably trying to find proof of her 'African-ness'
'Yes. I am from Africa.' The black woman responded.
No! You are not from Africa lady, You are from Zimbabwe. Though Zimbabwe is in Africa, you cannot say that you are from Africa. That is wrong.
If for example, the black woman had asked the white woman where she was from, She would have said she was English, or she was from England. She won't say She's from Europe.
Now, let's talk about 'Mean Girls', Yes, the movie - where a bunch of little girls were trying to be cool, and yes, I said little girls, no more than 17. I get that it's an old movie, made over a decade ago but I just cannot look past the way Africa was portrayed in that movie - we were more or less animals, in fact, Africa was portrayed as a 'jungle'. More than once, Cady, the new teen girl (who by the way came from Africa - not South Africa, not Zimbabwe, not Kenya, not Nigeria - but Africa.) referred to the backward behaviour of her unruly schoolmates as the behaviour of animals in the 'jungle', she never said she was from the jungle, she said she was from Africa, and then suddenly bad behaviour could be likened to those of animals in the 'jungle' - it's ridiculous.
Mean Girls is a good movie but the guys who made it could have given a little more dignity to my continent - to Africa, I have never seen a more adept definition of ignorance than was displayed in that movie.

Africa is not a country, It is a continent, containing very any countries - just like Europe or Asia.  

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

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