Monday, 24 June 2013

Big Trouble!

I honestly have nothing against polygamy - a man having more than one wife. I see nothing wrong with it as long as one of your wives isn't taking your picture to a witch doctor, a man with a red scarf and one of his eyes partially covered with talcum powder, who will eventually soak the picture in boiling water and ask the wife to call your name thrice, stabbing the picture each time, meanwhile you suddenly start feeling a burning sensation all over your body and then you painfully realize that your belly is leaking blood, you're dying/dead..
As long as that hasn't happened a polygamist is cool.

What I have a problem with, is when a partially employed person, who can barely afford to feed himself and another decides in his obvious 'wisdom ad infinitum' that his one wife - who perhaps already has 4 children bearing his name next to theirs, is no longer enough for him, can no longer satisfy him. *insert BIG trouble**

How do you take care of two wives when you can hardly take good care of yourself?? Emphasis on 'good'. And those two wives will eventually bear your offsprings, say, eight, they will all be educated, be clothed, be fed, be sheltered - they will all want to be treated as every other child, not minding the fact that their father makes money that can hardly even take care of a sick laboratory animal.

When men have their two eyes wide open and do things that seem like they have them wide shut.
That is for the men doing crazy stuff, honestly y'all need to stop. If you're not bloody rich, with a ridiculously fat pocket, don't get a second wife. Even if you are bloody rich, with a ridiculously fat pocket, don't get a second wife, because, although your first wife may say she's cool with it, but she really isn't. Unless you want a practical example of that first paragraph, don't do it.

Now, I've always wondered why some women decide to act like they are... Please wait while I search for a perfect word... Stupid?? No, stupid isn't even almost good enough, but I'll manage.
You know how very, very, extremely poor he is (I know it's tautological, just let me make my point). You know he cannot afford to feed himself well, you know you feed him sometimes. You also know he already has a wife at home, and you still decide in your obvious 'stupidity ad infinitum' to be his wife, to be his second wife.

What really do you expect? For a miracle to happen? For him to become a millionaire just after you enter into his house, with a snap of your finger? For him to love you more than his first wife so you can help in throwing out her baggage on the streets?? Is that what you think will happen? If that's what you think, then you have quite an imagination and I will gladly hire you to chair my dream company. And then, at the end of the day, you have the audacity to complain that your husband does not love you and that he is planning to bring in a third wife and that your children are suffering, they're not in school, they're hungry. See, you haven't seen anything yet.

So I just felt like ranting about polygamists, especially the poor ones. Thank you for reading my rant.
Back to the witch doctor and your picture, No??

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!


Sidney said...

lol, funny. Wisdom ad-infinitum and stupidity. But seriously, women are pleased to be second wife to a rich man. But they suffer during the marriage.

Anonymous said...

Men nice 1. But i'm worried. U my friend and I nid 2 kno how u kno so much about how a witch doc works. Haha. Good 1.

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

I'm definitely with you. But polygamy or not, it'S the same if people, who can barely keep themselves housed, clothed, and fed decide to have kid after kid just to rake in the welfare (here in Germany at least). Makes me mad!

champ king said...

Real true. This is wrong.

champ king said...

lol.. Cliff have no fear. Haha!! I know things.

champ king said...

I totally agree. The difference is, in Nigeria there's no such thing as welfare, therefore these children end up being born to suffer and then they endure all soughts of social and human abuse.. It's really sad.

Le Willow Wimp said...

They will live on love...
Ok that was a joke I agree wholeheartedly with you

champ king said...

haha. More like suffering in love. Thanks