Monday, 17 June 2013

When Evil Becomes Cool.

It's amazing how all of the things we referred to as 'very very bad' back when we were little kids growing up have all of a sudden become 'cool'.

It seems as if the definition of good and evil evolves and metamorphose as one grows older. We tend to see things a tad differently.

For some reason, evil is not evil anymore. Bad is not really as bad anymore. Life deals with us such that all our little rantings about what we want the world to be like becomes nothing but childish naivety.

Right now I'm wondering to myself. "where is this coming from? Am I making this up??"
But thinking about it, I really am not.

If memory serves me correct, we learnt about drug addiction in grade 4 at 'social studies', the oldest of us in my school then couldn't have been more than 11years old. We all found it crazy that someone will actually overuse drugs. It just didn't make any sense. It was stupid.
But fast forward 10 years letter. Is it still stupid?? You are not a cool person in this day and age if you're not hooked on drugs or if you're not an alcoholic or a party animal or one kind of narcotic or another. All you are is boring.

What do we see on TV everyday when we put it on? What does the internet preach to us?
Seriously, what is the 21st century turning us into??

I'm at rest though. You see, when we were kids, we were saints. But fact is, you can't be a saint all your life. Life offers us way too much.

I fear for the growing kids. The teenagers. These people see things, they get curious and a child is never content until he satisfies his curiousity. And you may think he has no idea where or how to satisfy them but remember he has peers. That's what their there for. That's what peer pressure is.

I am at rest because life itself doesn't force anything on anyone. We have a choice. We always have a choice.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

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