Friday, 5 July 2013

Capital punishment

Capital punishment, basically, means the death penalty, i.e, legally killing a person who has committed a crime, mostly murder, but in some countries rape and treason are also considered to be capital offences.

The idea of killing another person in the name of the law is difficult for some to take in. Honestly, it really is extreme, and that is why there are so many advocacy groups against it. Their arguement being that it is ethically wrong to take another persons life, no matter what he/she has done. I agree with that to an extent, but not for too long.

We all know the world is not always filled with the kindest and friendliest of people, there are certain individuals that are bad - for lack of a more substantiative word. Some folks just aren't good people.

Talking about bad people, The Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting readily comes to mind, I'm not American but I was left cold staring at the tv screen on the day of that fatal incident, it just made no sense.

But imagine, what if the monster that killed all those blessed little children had not turned the gun to himself? What if he had been arrested by police? Will any sane person advocate for him to remain alive?

Certain offences just aren't forgiveable, some families are still distraught over that incident up till this moment, almost 8 months after.

Children bubbling, with their whole lives ahead of them murdered in cold blood by a psychopath and someone will say it's unethical to sentence him to death?? No, that can't be right. We need to look away from liberty a few times, else, we lose those very ideals we enjoy from it. Wouldn't you agree?

Aluu4 is also a another reason why capital punishment cannot and should not be overlooked. It's the story of 4 young boys studying in the university of Porthacourt, Nigeria, gruesomely murdered by some citizens/animals of the aluu community in Rivers state, for an alleged crime - they said they stole a laptop computer - just imagine. How trivial. They were murdered in the most horrific fashion, suspiciously it was all caught on camera (you could google 'aluu4' if you want, it's not a pretty sight though, it's gory). Even God knows - and may HE forgive me if I'm wrong - that anybody who could murder another person in such a horrible manner, does not deserve to be called a human being.

My point is, certain crimes are mild, and it is ridiculous to imagine that anyone will be sentenced to death for them, but then again, certain crimes are just sad and painful and extreme, that nothing else will suffice except the death of the criminal.
This is what I think about capital punishment.

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Cliff said...

It shouldn't be abolished but it shouldn't be overused as well. Some of the ppl who murder do it not on their own, they do it with others, some also believe they are helping 2 save the world 4rm dirt. So they claim to be doing a good thing. But murders should be murdered as well.

champ king said...

Only a bad person will kill for the sake of 'ridding earth of filth', it doesn't make any sense to me. Thanks for ur input.

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

Ok, my point on the whole issue of death penalty: I'm against it. The Law must be above the low filth that some people are. But the law must also protect its citizens. So my idea is: put that filth away, somewhere, where they cannot escape. Take all amenities away from them, no TV, no computers, no fitness facilities. Basic food, clothing, housing, and make them work. to be honest, for some people, death is too good of a punishment. Letting them live for decades with the crimes they have committed, among the scum of humanity is probably worse than death. But it's also difficult and highly objective drawing the border between people who must be punished but may be re-integrated into society and the scum that needs to be locked up and forgotten about. There was a case here in Germany of a husband who shot and killed his wife. Clearly homicide. What the obvious case didn't say is that this husband has taken care of his wife, who suffered from Alzheimers, for many years. Her moods and needs have taken the last from him. In a clear moment, she had him swear to never put her into a home. He stood up to his promise, but when he couldn't go on any more, he shot her and tried to kill himself, which was unsuccessful. Yes, he killed his wife, but does he deserve harsh punishment?