Wednesday, 17 July 2013

When love isn't enough 1

"I've been thinking a lot lately. A lot about you and I, about us.
I don't know if you love me as much as you say..
I mean, I know, you tell me you love me, but do you, really?"

That's an excerpt from a short story, the speaker eventually asks the subject to come away with him, to which of course, she refuses, and yeah, he confirms she doesn't really love him as much as he 'wants'.

Isn't that pretty much the way things work? Can we really, truly be loved as much as we want? And is there a limit to love?

I'm not even concentrated on two people in a relationship, I'm talking more of neighbourly love, brotherly love. I mean, do we truely, honestly have each others back? Will you stand behind your friend even if it puts you in danger?? Will you even stand behind your friend irrespective of whether or not there is eminent danger? Do you even have a friend to stand behind? Is your 'friend' really your friend?

Now, I've met some really loyal people, at the same time, I've met people who really don't care, I can't blame them, I mean, what's the point, What is the guarantee that these people you decide to love and give your everything will do the same for you if the tables turn??

What is love??
Affection? Fondness? Like? Friendliness? Acquaintanceship? Pretence? An Achilles hill? Hate? Or is it nothing but tennis?
I think I should let you be the judge of that. I'll continue next time?

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!


Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

I tend to be a person who has other people's backs. But, to be honest, it depends on how "important" people are. My kids always come first, and I have their backs, no conditions, no limits. Later, there may be limits, I teach them as well as I can now, but in future, there are going to be things they will have to face by themselves. Next, there's my husband. I'm with him, 100%. I may criticize him to his face, but have his back against the world. Next are other family and close friends. I'll do everything I can to help them out as long as it doesn't affect my kids and husband, they always come first. Then come other friends and acquainances. I tend to be a good friend, but know my priorities.

champ king said...

Yea, prioritizing is good, lets face it, we cannot have every body's back. but my arguement is against people who aren't like you. some people just don't care.