Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Why I find driving uninteresting.

I decided to start a weekly topic to talk about some of my little, scary idiosyncracies and see if I can explain 'Why I' do them.. I started last week wednesday with 'Why I blog'. This week I intend to try and explain 'why I find driving uninteresting and nerve wrecking'.

I learned the skill of driving a car for the best part of one year, if not more - I know, it's crazy-. That's why it's funny to me when people say they can learn to drive in less than a week, like: "so what am I?? A retard??" At first, I found driving interesting and felt that I would get a hang of it in the shortest possible time but I was soooo wrong. Not that I didn't understand it, cos I did, but subconsciously I found myself losing concentration and forgetting what I'd learnt. My instructor was constantly saying: "is that how I taught you?? You want to get yourself and me killed?. It was really depressing, then I stopped going for driving lessons for a while cos it felt like I wasn't going anywhere with it, I think that pleased my instructor - He must have been relieved. But trust me, I wasn't about to waste all that money I paid him - so I went back a couple of months later to continue, at the end, the best lesson I learnt of driving wasn't even from my driving instructor, it was from someone else, you know how they say people learn different things in different ways? That is very true, the instructor taught me the way he taught everyone else - which didn't work for me, I needed someone who would just hand me the keys and tell me to do whatever the hell I want. I'd say driving most accurately defines the cliche - 'practice makes perfect'.

While I'm not as bad a driver as I used to be, I'm still not a big fan of driving, I'm always thinking crazy thoughts, like, what if my car decides that it wants to act up, and then skids off the barricade and enters into the other lane?? **insert: final destination 2* lol. But seriously, driving gets complicated sometimes, especially if you're driving a manual car, where you have to press down the clutch to change gears, thank goodness manual cars aren't as common as they used to be. You have to keep the clutch and the accelerator at an equilibrium to get started, you have to change your gears higher as your speed increases, your clutch is you feet's best friend, honestly, its exhausting, and nerve wrecking, your mind always has to be on the road, you need maximum concentration, and I'm the kind of person that gets bored very easily.

I've always imagined fallen asleep on the steering wheel while driving, that is one scary thought though. Another disadvantage of driving is, driving can be perfected through constant practice, and once you perfect it, you'll never have to walk anyplace else for as long as you live, and then you stand the risk of becoming overweight, like Gilbert's mother in that movie - what's eating Gilbert Grape. You see, so maybe walking sometimes instead of driving is a good thing, no??

Lol!! I'm just kidding, driving isn't that bad infact it's quite interesting, especially if your car stops in the middle of the road because you pressed down the accelerator pedal too fast, and there're like 1million people behind you, all honking their melodious horns and creating blissful music for your listening pleasure, making you feel like you should have taken a stroll instead of using a car. Yea, so driving is really fun, if you practice enough you'll get real good at it.
That's really all I've got to say, if you're thinking of learning to drive, I hope I haven't scared you, cos honestly, it's nothing, it will take a lot more than just a 100 angry drivers screaming at you can't hurt your ego.:)

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!


James said...

Haha. You know those are just your imaginations. Running. I'm very sure no car will jump from one lane to another if the lanes are well differented with concrete.

champ king said...

lol. Yea. Really scary thoughts.