Saturday, 3 August 2013

Dating Sites.

Can you imagine going on a date and not knowing who you're going on a date with?? Wait it gets worse.. Let me paint a scenario to try and help you understand how a dating site works, that is if you do not already.

There's a dating site - it's major purpose is to bring two people together for a potential romantic relationship, hence the term "dating site". Now a guy, probably 'life deprived', decides to join one of these sites, because he wants to date. So, he gets lucky and meets someone. Now this is where it gets complex, so I'm going to try my best to break it.

9.00AM - He meets the girl online, ofcourse he's never met her before in real life. They get chatting and he finds that they both live within the same town. He gets excited. And asks to meet her. Now pause, back to the real world.

How does that work?? How do you ask to meet a person you've only met online. You don't even know what they look like - perhaps you've seen a profile picture that was crafted in a photoshop laboratory for well over 48hours, in other words, she looks the polar opposite of the profile picture you saw -, you don't know what she's like, you've only been talking online for an hour or maybe 90minutes. And you wanna meet her. Okay let's go back to our scenario shall we??

10:00AM Strangely, she agrees to meet with you - she's probably as 'life deprived' as you, or maybe more - you guys are set to meet an hour later. You go on and on and on about how you can't wait. Forcing yourself to imagine that she's as pretty as her profile picture falsely paints her to be.
The meeting time draws nearer and you begin to prepare.

11:00AM You are at the place she asks, walking aimlessly like dust particles.
11:15AM: At this point you're already beginning to feel stupid. You didn't even ask for her number, so you can't call. You know that awkward moment, when the only sane thing to do is just to stare at your phone?? Yes, you've gotten to that point now. So you just stand there looking at the blank phone like a complete retard.

11:30AM A really beautiful girl begins to walk towards you, you almost begin to jump for joy, but you've been acting like a retard all day, jumping for joy is only gonna prove that you are. Well she gets so close to you and you could swear she smiled at you.. Just as you're about to stretch your hand to shake hers and say the 'nice to meet you' that you'd been rehearsing all day, she walks past you, unfortunately for you, she's not the person you've been waiting for.

11:45AM You begin to wonder what the picture you saw earlier looks like. You're getting more and more confused.

12:00 She arrives. She looks like the twin of the profile picture that you saw, the evil twin that has done so much evil that she has lost her looks. You're heartbroken but you smile anyway, 'hi, nice to meet you' you say, with not as much swagger as you'd planned. I can't blame you men, cheer up. At the end of it, you find that you are completely opposite to the person you found attractive.

But then again, I can blame you, you're the one who wanted it right??. I guess what I'm trying to say is: I don't understand the concept of a dating site, and I don't know why people use them, but that's just me saying stuff though, And I say a lot of stuff. I've heard of relationships that began through a internet sites and still exists, different strokes for different folks I guess. Bye!

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

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