Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Why I detest Smoking

Today is Why I... And today's topic is Why I detest Smoking.

Okay, that topic gives an impression that I am or I used to be a smoker - lol, no. I'd rather be a male stripper than be a smoker.
It's easy to just puff a little, isn't it??
Let me rephrase that, it's easy to just puff a lot, isn't it??

You see, my problem with people who smoke is that most of them don't smoke a 'little', when it comes to smoking cigarettes, there's no such thing as 'little', smokers smoke - a lot. But this isn't about smokers, I hate judging people, this is about smoking!

Okay, it's a little bit about smokers as well, but just a little bit. I always wonder why they do it, even when it's written on the packs of cigar and on every cigarette billboard that 'smokers are liable to die young' - though it's stealthily written in very small fonts so that it's barely legible.

Why I Hate Smoking.
- It disrupts fresh air.
This may not seem as extremely bad but wait...
Imagine you're in a park listening to your favourite tune, admiring life, admiring earth and admiring God's creative genius, and then from no where a cigarette walks by, and your fresh air automatically disappears, paving way for the stench of the smoke of a stick of burning cigarette - it just spoils everything, doesn't it??

- Cigarette makes people die.
Believe it or not with every stick of cigarette you smoke, your lifespan reduces, it's scientifically proven, science does not lie. Okay, so you say you know somebody who is a solid smoker yet still alive, but then, it will definitely take more than some sticks of cigarette to set your lungs on fire, wouldn't it?? The truth is always the truth, and right now the truth is - smoking kills.

- Smoking Diminishes A Persons Attractiveness.
A person who smokes cannot be attractive, even though she looks attractive, the moment she places a smoke between her middle and fore-finger, she has lost every iota of attractiveness she had, it's gone. The mere thought of female smokers depresses me, but they exist, and I hear they are even usually more female chain smokers, a classic case of 'what a man can do, a woman can do better'!

- Poor People get Drained from Smoking.
It's amazing, especially in these parts, how the people who are the most financially incapable are the ones who spend more on cigarettes. Therefore, after having a pack of cigarette - or more - they can no longer afford to have themselves a good enough meal, so all they have in their system is smoke. No food, just smoke. How disgusting is that?

I guess smoking is an addiction, and I know addictions are difficult to stop, but the fact is smoking kills, so whenever you feel like picking up a cigarette, just imaging your a room filled with smoke, such that you are going to get suffocated if you do not find your way out of there, now imagine that room to be your internal body system. That ought to scare you enough, cos it scares the shit out of me.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

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