Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Why I... Love The Arsenal

Lack of ambition has been the number one bane of The Arsenal! It's the reason our best players opt out - Cole, Cesc, Nasri, Van Persie, Song, Henry and maybe even most importantly Patrick Viera all those years ago - players tend to know when their club lacks ambition, and the dream of every player is to win titles, you therefore cannot blame a player for wanting to go somewhere else to win those titles. You can however blame the manager, for blatantly lacking ambition, selling his best and replacing them with mediocres like himself.

Sorry for starting like that,, I was pissed. Anyway hope you guys are doing alright?? How has our week been?? I've been away for about a week. I've been working on something, which you may get to see at some point. So, today is Wednesday, and the topic is Why I... Love The Arsenal!

I needed to write this not just for the blog, but also to remind myself. I've been an Arsenal fan for a long time, since I was a little boy and I remember the good old days, the days of Viera, Ljunberg, Pires. The days of Henry, Kano, Bergkamp. The days when we could win against a team that barely survived relegation the previous season, the days when we didn't need a playoff to make the champions league group stages, those days when we won the league without conceding defeat, not even once. The days of the invincibles, the days of Arsene Wengers 'youth', and hunger and thirst for success - The good old days. Those days are gone now and The Arsenal is just another team that toils to make 4th spot, while we watch the foes of our past bask in the euphoria of victory. We've been relegated to a team that fights - tooth and nail - to make 4th spot, the fight is so hard that when we eventually make it, we celebrate, like it's a title. That is what The Arsenal has become. From a team that was within a whisker of winning the champions league to a team that struggles to get into the champions league. The fans are consistently made to see their best player dawn the jersey of another team, Cole left for Chelsea, Nasri left for City, Van Persie left for United - Cole has won the league, the FA Cup and The Champions league since he left, Nasri has won the League and FA Cup, and Van Persie has won the league - The Arsenal lacks ambition - But still I love the Arsenal - it's true we've not had anything to be cheerful about in years, unlike other top clubs. All we've had/heard is news that the club is making profit, that really doesn't concern most of the fans.
I love The Arsenal still though, mostly because of the happiness I get just from watching The Arsenal red play, I can't explain it further, it's love. Only love. That's the only sane reason why Arsenal fans remain Arsenal fans even after consistent heartbreak, we still stay, and next week there we will be, still, cheering, hoping, believing.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!

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Anonymous said...

lol. Arsenal fan. Keep loving and keep loosing.