Thursday, 25 April 2013

12 Missed Calls

How is every one's day going? Mine is going very well, thanks for asking, even though you did not really ask.

Cell phones have come to stay as pointed out in this site!

Question is, are we using it rightly?? When I say using rightly what I mean is simple, if you call a persons cell number twice and the person does not pick up doesn't that constitute sufficient evidence for you to infer that the person is either away from his phone or cannot answer your call at that moment??
I mean, why in God's name should you call a person 10 different times within the space of say, 30 minutes?

I witnessed an incident in an examination hall one day, the invigilator asked everyone to switch off their phones, I thought everyone did. I was apparently wrong as about 15 minutes later a phone started to ring.
"Who's that?" the invigilator asked. But nobody said a word.

He knew he'd be chasing a lost course if he decided to investigate further based on the enormity of the number of students sitting for the exam, so he inquired no further.

Minutes later, the phone rang again, thrice, three different times. The invigilator, obviously getting angry, asked again "I said who is that?", still no response. The man got wise, extremely. He said absolutely nothing, however, he walked down towards where the noise(ringtone) was emanating from. And guess what happened?? You're right, a minute later the phone rang again. This time the culprit couldn't hide, the invigilator got him, seized his answer booklet, his phone and walked him out. Smart man, four days for the thief, one day for the owner. Pardon my digression.

My point is, probably the boy who was caught with the phone was stupid for not adhering to the invigilators instruction or for not switching the phone off after it rang the first time. But the real stupid person, is the one who kept on calling him when it was obvious that he couldn't pick, he called him 5 times in the space of about 7 minutes, and he caused the phone to be seized.

I was prompted to blog about this because it happened to me earlier, in the 30 minutes a phone number which wasn't even in my contact list called me 12 times, I was away from my phone and when I saw it, I got very worried, extremely worried. "JESUS, WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED? WHO IS THIS??" I thought as my hands began to sweat. I gradually summoned courage and called the person back.

To my utter dismay, it was a friend, calling to ask about a football match. I was livid, if you could kill a person over the phone I would have killed him. "have you lost your mind? You called me twelve times in less than 30minutes to ask about a stupid football match?" I thought, but I just could not get myself to utter a word, so I just hung up.

There's nothing more annoying, especially if the caller does not even have any tangible information to pass across.

Thanks for reading my rant!!

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!


Anonymous said...

its crazy.

champ king said...

I know right!!