Tuesday, 9 April 2013

General Street Madness - Literally.

Hello again.. I was going to talk about this earlier, I just forgot, you know, in my state of confusion, panic, and restlessness over my most recent taste of heartbreak, which I suspect I'm beginning to whine too much about, I should stop. It really wasn't that bad.
Anyway, that's not the point. So I went out today, went to check on some things I hold dear, and then, on my way back I walked into a couple of old friends, we conversed for a short while then I set off to my house, on foot - a little exercise isn't a bad idea, so just as I was about to negotiate the junction that lead to my house, I heard a loud scream of 'hello', initially, I thought it was someone I know trying to get my attention from across the road. Unfortunately for the neighbourhood, it wasn't. It was just a man, making an extremely loud phone call. His screaming continued, 'how are you' 'no' 'I'm not around now'. Of course I did not stand there watching him while he was making all these noise, I kept walking towards my destination, but he was making so much noise, you would think he was an evangelist, holding a megaphone, preaching the gospel of Jesus, he was that loud, it was embarrassing, I felt for him, like I felt for the 'my oga at the top' instigator. Apart from the noise he was making, he was also telling a lie. He continued 'no, I'm not in town' 'I'm at Cross River'. At this point, I had turn around, even though he was so far away, I felt like walking back to him and reminding him - 'uncle, this isn't Cross-river, are you lost?'. But I couldn't do that. It was obvious he was talking to someone he was trying to avoid, my thoughts wondered for a while, 'what if the person calling him was around the vicinity, and could hear him'? Cos everyone within that vicinity definitely heard him.
But then again, thinking about it, I do not really blame him, things have become so easy for us in the 21st century, thankfully. A person can do a lot of good things with a mobile phone, he could make a call, a very important call, he could send a text message, he could surf the web, he could stream live events and a lot more. A person could also do some pretty nasty thing with a mobile phone, he could lie about where he is, and even worse, he could disturb a whole neighbourhood and make them uncomfortable listening to his extremely loud voice and hold them to ransom for more than a minute.
This is an advice, while making a call especially if you're in public, try to make sure your voice isn't too loud, cos it gets really embarrassing if you are known as the person that disturbs a quiet neighbourhood with your loud phone conversations.

Till next time,, keep dreaming!!


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Real general strett madness.