Saturday, 13 April 2013

North Korea vs. The World.

Kingman Brewster Jr once said
"There is no lasting hope in violence, just a temporary release from hopelessness"
I'd been considering the 'meagre' nation of North Korea and their Midget of a leader for some time now. Are his threats just the usual rhetoric of North Korea to the world? Or does Kim Jong-Un mean business this time around? The latter unfortunately seem to be the case.
Lets talk about his nation for a second, the nation of North Korea basically consists of a conglomeration of people that have been brainwashed into thinking thoughts of sheer paranoia: how everyone hates them, and the primary plan of every other country is to nuke them - whether or not that country has the capacity to do that. The people are mostly poor and malnurished, the leaders(past and present) are always more interested in strengthening the army rather than feeding the people, the nation was regarded as an army with a country rather than a country with an army. This is expected considering the fascism of their leadership.
Now lets go back to Kim Jong-Un's provocative threats, which is looking more realistic as the seconds roll into minutes and the minutes into hours. An important question is whether or not the missile that may be launched will be nuclear, this seems unlikely, cos if it is, well, it may spell doom for his country.
So why is he doing this??
Is Kim Jong-Un too young for all this power? He is 28 or 29 (nobody really knows which is his real age), but at 29, a person may not be wise enough to actually see the bigger picture, he may be trying to compensate for his youth and inexperience with these threats.Who knows?
Another question is where is the money for these weapons coming from?? This is a nation that is obviously impoverished, but that's another discussion entirely.
While he has declared war on South Korea, it may be safer for him and his nation if he remains quiet and intentionally allow his threats to slowly fizzle, because if he doesn't and he goes ahead with his proposed threats and even worse use nuclear weapons, he then definitely will have put himself and his people in a lot of trouble. Everyone has appealled to him including the Secretart General of the United Nations so need I say more, shouldn't a leader rather than strengthening an army and amassing missiles, concentrate on improving the living conditions of his citizens? You wanna be the judge of that?? Be my guest.

Till next time,, keep dreaming!!


Anonymous said...

he's immature.

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lol. Midget