Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Chewing Gums!

We must have all had that moment when we are desperately in need to get into 'our zone', when we seriously need to concentrate but we can't because of the incessant, infuriating, wanna-stick-a-screw-driver-into-your-ear pop pop pop pop pop noises emanating from the mouth of the person next to you, chewing gum.

Quick caveat: I honestly do not post everything that comes into my head, I always try as much as possible not to publish stuff that you (my reader) could find offensive, but I honestly believe that this issue is one that affects us all, negatively. Besides, we all want to make the world a better and more conducive place to live in.

It gets really annoying, at times, when you're in the library for example and a person is carelessly chewing away. It has happened to me once before, quite a while ago.

In order to get the tranquility that the course 'pathogenic bacteriology' required, I decided to go to the Library to read, worst decision ever, because I just could not concentrate while the lady next to me kept on chewing and chewing loud, extremely loud. Luckily for me, she was not disturbing just me but a lot of people, so she stopped after she got some rather negative pieces of peoples minds.
I was reminded about the incident earlier today when I saw another young lady chewing away.

The argument posed by individuals who engage in this act is that they cannot concentrate fully in examination halls or places where they need to concentrate without chewing gum? Really? I don't know how that works, however, that argument brings me to another 'neighbouring' issue.

Chewing Gum Etiquette..
Here are a few etiquettes we need to try and apply while chewing our precious gum.
1. Do not chew with your mouth open: Apart from the fact that this is disgusting, it also causes noise pollution.
2. Do not blow chewing gum bubbles in the public: However tempting and perhaps fun it may be, it is the height of rudeness, believe me, I know.
3. Please do not smack your gum loudly: It infuriate the hell out of the people around you. Nobody wants to hear your gum pop every two seconds.
4. Do not chew gums during a job interview.
Wait, on second thought, I think you should, and ask your interviewer if he wants one too. Lol! You will surely get the job.
Okay that's a joke.
5. Maybe most importantly, DISPOSE YOUR GUMS INSIDE A TRASH CAN. I assure you, nobody wants to step on a gum while taking a stroll down the sidewalk and just as well, nobody wants to touch a gum while their hands are playfully wandering under a desk.
You dig? It ain't cool!

So I guess that's all I have to say about that. For now.

Till next time,, keep dreaming!!

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