Saturday, 6 April 2013

Nothing but the Death Penalty.

Ernest Hemingway once wrote "Never think that war, no matter how necessary, no matter how justified is not a crime"
Sometime 6 months ago we were greeted with a gruesome tale, one that left an indelible mark on most of us, a story that made us wonder where love had gone, a story that drove some to tears. A gruesome tale.
The tale of aluu 4.
It's been six months now since then and still the mere thought of it just breaks my heart, and what's worst? It was captured on camera, how can a human being, born of a woman capture such bizarre, dastardly act of barbarism on camera, and just watch, and watch. It's sick.. My heart is heavy right now, I'm grieving, all over again, it was 6 months ago, and my point isn't made yet, I digress.
The point is, we need not to forget this act of human injustice, we need to keep singing it and singing it, till those animals that perpetrated it are caught, first of all and then made to pay (with their lives), nothing but the death penalty, cos even though we have easily moved on with our lives, just imagine the families of those young boys that had their whole lives ahead of them..
We want no other ruling but the death penalty, that's the only ruling that makes any sense to me. But first, it's imperative for law enforcement agents to make sure they have the right criminals, cos everyone that watched on while this evil was being carried out is a criminal, but we need the right ones, the ones who actually committed the murders..
I can't say anything else, I knew I'd have to blog about this at some point, the thought was consuming. Fact is we cannot afford to forget this, cos forgetting means succumbing to defeat. We want justice and we want the death penalty.
Till next time,, keep dreaming!!

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