Friday, 10 May 2013

Short Ladies + High heels

Hi.. It's good to be here, how are you guys doing?

Today's prompt on Blog Every Day In May is "Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill." I must say, I am not one to keep embarrassing moments. They tend to get lost in my memory.

So, trying to find my embarrassing moment, I had to dig and dig and dig and dig. Absolutely nothing. So I just dropped the shovel. It's always better to let sleeping dogs lie.
Since I have no 'most embarrassing moments', I thought I'd talk about something else. Heels. Yea, High heels. And when I say 'high' I don't mean 2 - 3 inches.

Yesterday, thursday, 9th. I met/saw/ran into ('met' kinda sounds prearranged, 'saw' sounds weird, so 'ran into' it is) an old friend and classmate from primary school. Now, I'm not the best at recalling faces of people I have not seen in a long time, it's a big, bad problem. But I recalled this lady because she was very popular back then as she was the shortest in class, she was extremely short. I mean minuscule, miniature. A midget, if you will. No disrespect to her of course, but amazingly when I saw her yesterday, she had mysteriously, magically, miraculously become taller than me, and believe me, I am not short, I was 5'11 the last time I checked.

Anyway, she had become taller than I was and as much as I would have loved to ask her... "dude, How did ya get so tall mehn", I couldn't because, normal people don't ask people they haven't seen in like a million years how they got so tall, so I didn't.
We just exchange pleasantries and talked about the good old days, and then she walked away.

And then I saw it, "So that's the mystery/miracle/magic that got her so tall!" I thought to myself as I smiled and went on with my business.

She was wearing one of those 11inch high heel shoes that could cause a global earthquake if every woman in the world decides to wear it on the same day. One part of that statement is an exaggeration, the other isn't. Go figure!!

So anyway, the point of my whole story was to establish a suitable premise for my thoughts - why do women wear high heels??

It's not like it makes them comfortable, does it? I'm pretty sure it doesn't. In fact, I have facts that it doesn't.
I know people who wear high heels to give speeches, or to give an academic seminar, and once they are finished given their speech and they are off of the podium, the first thing they do is hurriedly take off their high heels and slip on something flat and more comfortable.

Do they think they look smarter in them?
Do they think they look prettier?
I am extremely curious, cos I believe in wearing whatever you're comfortable in. I know however, that it makes them look a lot taller. A LOT. I mean, anything that can change minuscule into magnificent is A Lot.

So anyway, in conclusion, it's safe to say men will never understand the real reason ladies do the amazing things that they do, therefore, all we can do is commend and applaud how they look. So next time you see a lady in high heel, bro, compliment her. Cos she's in pain, she may not admit it, but she is..
Have a great weekend!

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!


Anonymous said...

Because it s fashionable.

Shanique Roca said...

Caz they are the they hurt lol

Anonymous said...

it's sexy Of course. Why do you think? Wat happened to the 'In Bad Company' story?

champ king said...


champ king said...

It's available. I just wanna make you guys wait for it. Lol!

champ king said...

Suffering and smiling. I'd say.

Anonymous said...

lol. It makes us look good and uknow it

Aleshea said...

Rumor has it, it makes a girls legs look skinner. No Lie. I saw it on a red carpet fashion interview