Thursday, 2 May 2013

Unintentional Drunkard!

Hi.. How has our day been?? Great?? Yea, sure.
Blog Every Day In May kicked off yesterday, 1st. And so today is day 2. The prompt today is "Educate us on something you know alot about or are
good at. Take any approach you'd like
(serious and educational or funny and
sarcastic). So while driving back home from barber's, where I obviously went to get a hair cut, I started thinking... Hmm... What do I discuss about, and believe me, I know ALOT of things 'very well', so the question was: 'what do I talk about?'. And just then it hit me.

I mean, I had seen it coming through my rear-view mirror, and I noticed it was coming very fast, but I wasn't worried, considering that it's not like I was driving very, very slow.

So I kept calm, parked and came down to go to check my car's bumper, unfortunately for me, and very fortunately for the man driving the black Mercedes, there was no dent. So I had no choice but to accept his apology and move on.

I said 'unfortunately for me, because, I really needed some money at that point, so I thought I could use the excuse that he dented my car to siphon a whole lot of money from me, he would have said for the panel beating, the painting, and emotional cum psychological distress he caused me. Lucky man. **Sigh**

Now that I've got that out of the way, #BlogEveryDayInMay. So here's something I know only too well: Alcohol! Specifically Palm Wine. But wait, wait, wait a minute, do not get the wrong idea. I'm not an alcoholic. I'll prefer to be regarded as having a large appetites for beverages of the alcohol kind. Lol!

Wait, I am just joking. I don't drink. Seriously, I don't. The only reason I have a very large fountain of knowledge about Palm wine is because I wrote my Bachelor of Science Thesis on it. Yeah. I know, disgusting. Don't judge me. Blame my supervisor. He is the real drunk, pun fully intended. He loves the drink so much, he knew everything about it, through me. I can take all these shots at him because I know he will never see this. He is one of those old College professors that do not believe in the 21st century and globalization. So he does not know a lot about the internet. Enough about him.

Palm wine, referred to as 'Toddy' in the west, is an alcoholic beverage made from the sap of different species of palm trees. Including coconut, oil palm and the likes. You're following?? Good! I would hate to have to use a cane.

The drink is tapped from these palm trees, the just tapped unfermented drink is sweet. It contains a lot of sugar.

So, it's allowed to ferment and gradually the sugar is fermented into alcohol through microorganisms of course. Gorgeous! There microorganisms are alive during consumption of the wine, so every palm wine drinker consumes microorganisms. In large quantities. :p!

These palms where the drink is tapped from are found in most part of the world: Africa, South America, Asia. I don't know about Europe, but I know the trees are also found in some parts of the United States of America, Miami, Florida mostly. But palm wine isn't tapped from those. Probably because the more wine is tapped from a palm tree, the faster the tree degenerates.

In fact, in some parts of Africa, the whole of the tree is cut down in order for the wine to be tapped. Deforestation eh? Not quite, the wine tapped make a lot of farmers very rich. A lot of people (my professor for example) will pay a lot of money for palm wine. It makes farmers who tap wine very rich, especially if the wine is gorgeous.

You see some palm wine tastes better than others. Luck? maybe. It depends mostly on the palm tree from which it is tapped, and how old the tapper is. Not really how old he is, but usually, an old tapper taps the wine with an old gourd(A gourd is the container the wine is collected in), naturally. And an old gourd is said to contain more microorganisms for easy fermentation.
I just have this strange feeling that I no longer have your attention. I think I should stop. I would stop!
So that's just a little tiddy-bit about palm wine.

Till next time,, Keep dreaming!!


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Shanique Roca said...

Use a cane? aye.
So how does the toddy taste? I know u know

champ king said...

i'm Glad you feel that way!

champ king said...

Yea! Use a cane! You know I can't 'educate' if I don't have your attention. And it tastes a lot like coconut juice, I should have written that out shouldn't I? Thanks for asking!! :)

Shanique Roca said...

Ha corporal punishment doesn't make me learn it just makes me resentful of you :P... This is not 50 shades of Gray...

champ king said...

lol. Okay. I agree!